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Founded in 1978
Eugene, Oregon

Eugene Creative Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a balance of educational and play-based activities for ages 8 weeks through 5th grade.

Eugene Creative Care currently operates multiple school age programs ON-SITE in local schools as well as early learning programs located at our Fairfield Child Development Center.

For over 44 years our organization has offered kindergarten enrichment and after school programs to students throughout the Eugene 4J and Bethel school district communities.  

Each program is state certified (certified center) and is monitored and regulated by the Oregon Office of Child Care Early Learning Division, the SPARK Quality Rating and Improvement System, and our Volunteer Board of Directors.  

K-5th Grade Child Care
Ages 5-12 yrs.

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Fairfield Child

Development Center

Ages 8 weeks - 5 years

A Natural Girl
Fox with Balloons

Each class has a team of dedicated and qualified staff committed to meeting each child's individual personal and academic needs.

Our Philosophy

Eugene Creative Care values every child as unique and believes each should have an opportunity to play, explore and be engaged in a variety of experiences in order to learn and grow in all areas. In doing so, these experiences provide the early framework and greatest potential for continued success across a lifetime.


Our programs are developed with the whole child in mind. Guided by consistent, caring, and competent role models, children are given time, space, and opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.  


These values and beliefs guide Eugene Creative Care in making decisions effecting learning environments & curriculum, classroom diversity, partnerships with families, and the development of our staff. Our overall goals are:


  • To model our classroom experiences using current early childhood methodologies and Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP).

  • ​To ensure the inclusion of all children with varied abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds.

  • To provide resources, supports and opportunities for families to be actively involved in their child's learning and growth. 

  • And to provide resources, supports and opportunities for ongoing training and education to our highly qualified teaching staff. 



Community Values

We believe in educating students to make safe choices for the safety of themselves and others. Our staff are trained in adult/pediatric CPR/First Aid and Head Teachers serve as Safety Committee members.
Safety is our TOP PRIORITY!  

We believe in creating an inclusive environment that promotes the community values of equity, respect and cultural responsiveness. Students, staff and families are expected to also promote these community values.

We believe in promoting responsible decision-making skills by developing leadership, communication and self-help skills in our students. We value our ecological responsibility as we engage our students in natural and environmentally-responsible learning opportunities. 

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