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Enrollment & Re-Registration

K-5th Grade After School

Early Education

DISCOUNTS & Scholarships

Sibling Discount

15% OFF oldest child per month

K-5th Grade Scholarships

Kindergarten through 5th grade scholarships available for families above the ERDC/state assisted pay income max. Apply for DHS state pay. If denied, apply for a scholarship. 


Early Education Scholarships


Lane County Educator Discount

50% OFF PER CHILD per month (K-5th Grade)
Limited spots: filled first-come, first-serve
*This discount expires 8/31 of each year

DHS/State Assisted Pay


       - NEW! Lower income eligibility requirements. Read more : CLICK HERE !

JOBS DHS:  No changes. Families must maintain eligibility.

Enrollment STEPS

ONLINE WAITING LIST/REGISTRATION - Contact us by clicking the link below and fill out an interest form. We will be contacting you through the email you use to register. 

Early Education - Immediate openings in some classrooms. Join our free waiting list and we will contact you!

K-5th Grade - Please complete the waiting list form by Tuesday to start the following Monday. You must have all steps completed by that Friday. All steps must be complete before attending. The following waiting list is for K-5th Grade after school care and No School Days.    

Kindergarten through 5th grade

WAIT - Wait for us to contact you to offer you a spot. We will email you an invitation with an invoice for the registration fee and your first month's tuition amount (only due if you accept the spot). 



PAY RESERVATION FEES - After we email you, you will have 48 hours to pay the $50/child registration fee  to reserve your spot. This is non-refundable and non-transferable. Must be willing to start within 2 weeks and on the reserved start date.


Payment  Options



ENROLLMENT FORMS - Complete the enrollment forms for the current school year. These forms will be emailed to you with your welcome letter and first invoice and MUST be submitted at least 24 business hours prior to starting. 



PAY TUITION - Your first month's tuition will be due prior to starting (Fall enrollment families - due on September 1st).


You can view our payment options on our current family website:


NOTE: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Receipts will be emailed on the 6th of the month when late fees are assessed. Past-due accounts move into suspension/dis-enrollment before entering collections. Please view our current tuition policies.  


must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior

effective on the 1st of the following month

Parenting-Plans & Split-Paying Options:

1. Separate Accounts - reserve your schedule according to the days your child is attending under your care. You will be billed individually according to your schedule. Please complete separate registrations forms and both must also complete the online waiting list/registration form separately:

  - K-5th GRADE- individually pick your days per week, stable schedule throughout month

  - EARLY EDUCATION - part-time, 24 hours or less per week per payer 

2. 50/50 Shared Account - Split one full-time spot. You will both be charged on the same account and be both be personally responsible for the entire balance if either party is past due. Only one registration form and online registration is needed and you will be emailed at the same time with invoices and receipts.

ADDITIONAL Enrollment Forms

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