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  2023 Summer Camp
Registration OPEN
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Summer Camp Monthly Tuition:
5 days/week - $950
4 days/week - $775
3 or less days/week - $575

ERDC Payments/State Assistance Accepted

Limited Openings!

After School Child Care

  K-5th Grade State Licensed After school Child Care  

Various Locations  ~ oN-SITE IN SCHOOLS

After School
Child Care on-Site in Schools

Pick-up as late as:   

  6:00pm, Monday - Friday 

Our after school programs offer opportunities for children to play, learn and grow while providing the necessary daily structure he/she needs to make thoughtful choices, explore interests, engage socially, be creative, and extend learning.

Each classroom environment is arranged to support multi-age activities, independence, active and quiet play, and the natural curiosity about the world we live in.

In addition, our caring and dedicated staff will work with families in supporting students with homework, reading logs, and school projects and goals based on individual needs.

Every day we have: 

1. Gross motor play (playing outside or in the gym)

2. Fresh fruit and crackers for PM snack

3. Homework & quiet time

4. A planned teacher-initiated educational opportunity

5. Student-initiated play & educational opportunities


Elementary Classroom
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