Child Care ON-SITE in Schools

  K-5th Grade State Licensed Child Care  

Various Locations



After School Child Care



After School
Child Care on-Site in Schools

Pick-up as late as:   

  6:00pm, Monday - Friday 

Our after school programs offer opportunities for children to play, learn and grow while providing the necessary daily structure he/she needs to make thoughtful choices, explore interests, engage socially, be creative, and extend learning.

Each classroom environment is arranged to support multi-age activities, independence, active and quiet play, and the natural curiosity about the world we live in.

In addition, our caring and dedicated staff will work with families in supporting students with homework, reading logs, and school projects and goals based on individual needs.

Every day we have: 

1. Gross motor play (playing outside or in the gym)

2. Fresh fruit and crackers for PM snack

3. Homework & quiet time

4. A planned teacher-initiated educational opportunity

5. Student-initiated play & educational opportunities


Elementary Classroom

Eugene Creative Care (ECC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit state licensed child care offering quality care and early education to students throughout Eugene for over 44 years. 

  K-5th Grade Child Care  


 Distance Learning Support 

ECC is excited to announce that we will be offering full-day child care and distance learning support to help ensure that every K-5th student has the best academic experience possible this year and families never need to miss a day of work.


Our state licensed programs are heavily regulated and we are taking additional precautions while operating emergency child care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our programs have a 3-star QRIS SPARK quality rating and we also accept state assisted pay for families meeting income eligibility requirements.


We have several locations available throughout Eugene to help ensure every child has access to quality care and educational opportunities nearby.


Our qualified staff and leadership team have extensive experience in quality, state licensed child care, public education, early education, educational technology, child development, and educational leadership. Programs will have the direct support and tutoring help from our qualified child care teachers and some of our own licensed school teachers, as well as the oversight from our well-qualified leadership team and Board of Directors.


Our programs will provide a 1:10 teacher/student ratio instead of the 1:15 requirement. This means much more one-one-one teacher support for each student than our licensing regulations require.


We are thrilled for the opportunity to partner with schools in providing this essential service. Happy learning!

Eugene Creative Care Child Care & Distance Learning Support will be:

● Providing state licensed child care during school hours. Some locations offer limited hours, some locations offer extended hours. See below for location details.

● Providing time, individual workspace, and support for students throughout the day while they engage in their Comprehensive Distance Learning curriculum with the school of their choice. This includes:

          ➢ Time spent working online or on their own school assignments

          ➢ Tech support, login support, WiFi, etc.

          ➢ State licensed child care offered at below state required ratios (1:10 instead of 1:15) for extra support 

          ➢ We will do our best to minimize distractions as much as possible

● Offering alternative quiet activities, such as reading or coloring, when students need a break or if they are in-between assignments

● Providing regular daily child care curriculum, such as recess, art, building/engineering, hands-on science activities, music, life skills, social/emotional development, etc.

● Providing 3 meals per day (AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack). Please note that schools may provide free lunch on days that schools will be open. Families will need to bring a lunch from home when those services are not available.

● Collaborating with family and school teachers to help ensure each child's holistic developmental needs and tutoring academic needs are being met