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Criminal Background Check/Central Background Registry (required prior to hire) - Every teaching staff member must undergo and pass an initial criminal history screening and federal level fingerprint process through the State of Oregon Central Background Registry and must be cleared through the Office of Child Care in order to be employed in any teaching position with Eugene Creative Care.  CLICK HERE TO GET A REGISTRY NUMBER


Certificates - Every teaching staff member is required to obtain and maintain the following training requirements upon hire:  ​

  • Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety Certification (ICCHS), No renewal required

  • Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect Certification (RRCAN), No renewal required 

  • Food Handlers Certification - RENEWAL REQUIRED

  • Adult/Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification - must include in-class instruction - RENEWAL REQUIRED

  • Infant Safe Sleep Training (Infant Teachers and FFCDC Head Teachers only), No renewal required  

  • Illness Prevention, Prevention is Better than Treatment (PBTT), No renewal required 

  • Foundations for Learning

Professional Development Training

Eugene Creative Care also requires every teaching staff member to take a minimum of 15 hours/year of ongoing continuing Professional Development Training annually, 8 hours of which must focus on topics relating specifically to child development. 



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